How to Develop a Strong Mindset

Expose yourself to as many experiences as possible

In order for you to have a strong mindset, you need to experience things. By experiencing things you get out of your comfort zone. Your brain doesn’t want to go out of its comfort zone, but when it does you grow and create a strong mindset to approach new outcomes.

Most of our lives, we are taught to have a routine. A way to predict our day and work to make it real. These routines limit the capabilities of experiencing new things. Routines are not bad. In fact they are essential in order to experience new things. But being confined to a very strict routine without any change in the pattern breaks creativity and stops the development of a strong mindset.

Find a proper balance between maintaining routines and breaking them.

The mind evolves the more it experiences new things.

New experiences scare me, but they are the one that makes up the best memories

By Samyak

Russian melancholy/Derek Parfit/Doris Lessing/B.R. Ambedkar/Franz Kafka/Sol Lewitt/every film by Satoshi Kon/poetry + writing + a lot of other things.

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