How To Read More

Last year, I decided I wanted to read more. I spent a lot of time trying out different methods for becoming better at reading efficiently and proactively, and so I thought today I’d share what […]

How to Generate Ideas for Writing

The way to generate ideas is to avoid the ‘waiting mindset’.  The waiting mindset is when you think that ideas will come to you if you simply wait.  Ideas don’t show up out of nowhere […]

Jeff Bezos on How To Make Better Life-Decisions

People are constantly forced to make big decisions about their life in the face of uncertainty that is impossible to reduce. Should I take this job? Should I buy this house? Should I move to […]

Writing Resources: The Best Writing Books and Tools

Writing is about more than putting pen to paper. With these additional writing resources, you can get feedback on your writing, learn to be a better writer, understanding the craft and many more. Books Plotting […]

Startup Resources: The Best Startup Tools and Resources

Tools and resources to launch, scale, and lead with more confidence and effectiveness. Books Quotes / Lessons / Videos for Entrepreneurs and Startups For Entrepreneurs Zero to One by Peter Thiel Notes on Startups, or How […]

First Principles: How to Think for Yourself

First-principles thinking, which is sometimes called reasoning from first principles, is a fundamental building block of an idea; they are the most indivisible parts that we know to be true and that we use to […]

My Learnings from Writing for a Year

Last year, while getting by every day, I became more comfortable with writing, which felt forceful before. I had more time to read, think, and express my mind. This was my time to seize the […]

How to Build MVP for Startups

Building an MVP is hard. When there is no structure or guideline, it becomes a really long and empty road. I think MVPs are designed for building quickly and iterating fast. But its essence or […]

On learning in Public

I’ve been documenting a lot of what I’m learning for the last few years. Most of my learning is on writing and startups. I have been afraid of publishing my learnings online. I think at […]